Alex Constancio is 20 years old and Austin's best friend. Austin and Alex met when they both wanted to buy the same Nike Shocks and they started talking, they realized they had so much in common and just instantly became friends in sixth grade. 


  • Alex was 13 when he had his first kiss.
  • Favorite color is red
  • Alex is 5 feet and  6 inches
  • Favourite candy is Skittles
  • Alex was born at 7:18 a.m.
  • His favorite ice cream is vanilla
  • Alex likes scary movies
  • He just moved in with Austin in the same day of their ShootUsDown anniversary 
  • Alex admits that he loves peanut butter with sugar
  • He has a segway named Selena
  • He loves Beyonce
  • He is a skater
  • Wants to be an actor
  • His favorite song of Austin's is "Shawty Shawty

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