"I Won't Tell" is a song by Austin Mahone. Austin posted a 1-minute snippet on September 30, 2016.

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Lyrics Edit

Yeah you got me staring babe
So many things that I wanna do with that, uh
Every time you come around
Dressing like that I can't help but

Thinking 'bout how it would go
If I was pulling you close, wait
I shouldn't be thinking about you
I shouldn't be thinking about you, let's wait
But I can't help it baby
The only woman on my mind is you

We can move in silence
I won't tell, I keep it real quiet
Yeah you better ya know baby
Let me show what I'ma do babe
Let me lay you down with me, right here
Then we'll take it over there, right there
Let's just keep it between us, no one has to know
I won't tell, I won't tell, I said
(I won't tell, I won't tell)
(I won't tell, I won't tell)