"My Girl" is an unreleased song by Austin Mahone. He played a snippet of the song on Ustream on February 9, 2015.

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Yeah (yeah)
I already started (?)

Should we start again
That would never end
I want to do it, girl I want
Girl I love
Should I take my baby back
Would you look into my eye
Tell me that you love me
Ain't nobody else above you babe, no
And just know that I want you back
You're all I think about
Don't want nobody else tonight

Tell me do you want me
I don't, I don't know what I got into
And she smile, she smile
But she ain't new
I wish she talked like that, wow oh
You know why she walk like that, wow oh
I want you
You know, you know I just wanna meet you
And let's go, let's go
Baby it's just you and me
We can do whatever you want
I promise you to leave my girl

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