Robert Villanueva

Full name

Robert Rene Villanueva


December 13, 1995


Rob Villa


La Vernia,Texas


he has one sister


Regan and Lauren

Robert Villanueva is known for being Austin, Alex, and Zach's friends. He likes to rap.

Facts Edit

  • Robert does weekly YouNows with Alex Constancio.
  • His twitter is @Robvilla_
  • His birthday is 12/13/1995
  • He is a huge fan of Lil Wayne and Drake
  • He is part of foolish 4 with Alex, Austin, and Zach
  • Robert usually does the "robert face" in photos
  • He LOVES skittles
  • His favorite food is steak
  • He drives a black SUV
  • His favorite color is red
  • His favorite drinks are milk, mountain dew, and water
  • Robert is super protective over his friends and family
  • He lives in Los Angeles
  • He has a snapchat (Which is)
  • His girlfriend is named Lauren
  • He tends to favortise
  • Him and Zach have graduated from La Vernia High school and are now traveling with Austin & Alex

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