"What You Need" is a song by Austin Mahone. He teased a snippet on February 28, 2016 on Instagram and played the song again in March 2016 while doing a livestream on Facebook.[1][2]

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Yeah, ever since I first saw you, baby
I made no sense
Gave all my love
I just want you everday that I live
You are the first one that I call when I go out of bed
If only you knew
Yeah, you make me crazy
I don't think you even noticed this
I've never felt this type of love before, I'm new to this
So let's just take our time
Ain’t no point at us rushing things
Don't know what I should do
You say you know exactly what you want
But baby I got what you need
Yeah, I could be somebody that you want
That I could be the one you need
Yeah, you’ve been looking everywhere but me
Yeah I'm asking
Who could love you better than me?
Baby girl if you ain't know
I could give you what you need
Every time you catch me
And instead I'm thinking of you
'Cause I just can't believe it’s me the one
that you be loving
I lay awake in bed…

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